• 4C Pedestal Mailboxes

    4C Pedestal Mailbox Enters the Marketplace

    USA Building Supplies introduces the flexible 4C pedestal mailbox. The 4C pedestal mailbox was demanded by the marketplace because the need for a more versatile high security pedestal mailbox. The USPS Approved cluster box units previously were the only multi-unit pedestal cluster available for customer. The cluster box is great pedestal mailbox; however the U.S. Postal Service has not allowed the manufacturers to modify the configurations of this type of receptacle. In 2006 the USPS endorsed the 4C horizontal mailbox for wall installation mailboxes. The 4C regulation allows the 4C receptacle to have different size resident doors, and many more module configurations. This opened the door for the flexible 4c pedestal mailbox. The 4C pedestal is manufactured with same tenant doors locks, rugged materials, and overall security as the F Series cluster box units. Prospective clients loved having the ability to customize their pedestal mailbox to meet their scenario. The manufacturers of the 4C pedestal mailbox shrewdly manufactured these mailboxes with different size pedestals to meet the USPS guidelines for the height of the mail carrier access door. This 4C pedestal cluster mailbox has not yet received the distinction from the Postal Service as USPS Approved, however many local postmasters have granted local approval to accommodate their customers.

    Evolution of Pedestal Mailboxes

    Pedestal mailboxes have gone through a rapid evolution in the last 15 years. The neighborhood delivery and collection box unit was the staple in centralized delivery receptacle marketplace until the mid-nineties. The NDCBU was a rear loading unit with 3 standard sizes which were an eight, twelve, and a sixteen door units. The NDCBU could be modified to meet customer needs. The USPS in the late 1990s decertified the NDCBU in an effort to move the country into the newly designed E-Series cluster box unit. The E-Series cluster box unit was the preferred pedestal mailbox until it was replaced by the security enhanced F-Series cluster box unit. The F-Series cluster box unit still exists today and is the most commonly used pedestal mailbox in the marketplace. The 4C pedestal mounted mailbox has recently entered in the marketplace, primarily due to its flexibility. The pedestal 4C mailbox can be modified whereas the cluster box unit cannot.

    Customization of 4C Pedestal Mailbox

    USA Building Supplies offers standardized configurations of 4C pedestal mailboxes and can also custom manufacture a unit as well. Most of USA Building Supplies standard configurations are built with a single high single wide door size which is 13 ¼"W x 3 ¼"H, commonly referred to as an MB1 door size. Often, prospective clients have tenants with different amounts incoming mail, therefore the need for larger resident mailbox door compartments are required. USA Building Supplies offers three additional door sizes other than MB1 size which are the MB2 size that is 13 ¼"W x 6 3/4"H, MB3 which has dimensions of 13 ¼"W x 10 ¼"H, and the MB4 door which measures 13 ¼"W x 13 ¾"H. Usually, one of these door sizes can meet our 4C pedestal mailbox customer's scenario. Parcel lockers for packages can be built in two different sizes which are the PL5 parcel door which is 13 ¼"W x 17 ¼"H or the PL6 parcel door that measures 13 ¼"W x 20 ¾"H. USA Building Supplies can customize your pedestal mailbox within 4C mailbox module framework and will also make good common sense recommendations with sound reasoning. One suggestion typically made is locate the larger mailbox doors and tenant doors towards the bottom of the configuration for ease of mail delivery and retrieval.

    A Pedestal Mailbox Provides Maximum Security Against Identity Theft

    Many communities are confronted with serious issues when it comes to mailbox theft and vandalism, therefore needing higher security for their mail receptacles. Identity theft is increasing and so are the ways people are doing it, including getting information from cell phones and other electronic devices. The old fashion way of obtaining personal information simply may happen a few feet from your home, in your outdoor mailbox. The USPS-STD-4C mailbox receptacle design is intended to reduce the threat of identity theft with its robust construction. All 4C mail receptacles are required to pass tests performed by the USPS to protect against forced entry attacks.  The continued implantation of 4C horizontal mailboxes has increased security for apartment mailboxes and has provided for more efficient delivery for the Postal Service.

    Will the 4C Pedestal Mailbox Gain Postal Certification?

    USA Building Supplies handles a full line of the configurable 4C pedestal mailboxes. Currently, the 4C pedestal mailbox is not postal certified therefore local postal official approval is needed for this pedestal mailbox. Will the USPS certify the 4C pedestal mailbox? The answer to that question concerning USPS endorsing the 4C pedestal cluster box is difficult to answer with certainty. The 4C mail receptacle is currently USPS Approved for wall installations, however although it uses the same mailbox modules it is not certified for mounting on a pedestal. The Postal Service is quick to point out that sometimes the overall height of the pedestal mailbox exceeds current postal regulations. However, the mounting height of many of the 4C pedestal mailboxes does meet this postal standard. USPS officials further point out that some of 4C pedestal receptacles are arranged in small clusters of resident mailboxes and they do not want their mail carriers using their arrow key at small mail deliveries. Clients love the current USPS sanctioned pedestal mailbox which the cluster box unit, however the marketplace would prefer more flexibility in the resident mailbox configurations. USA Building Supplies understands both sides of the current debate brewing about pedestal mailboxes and will continue to advise our customers of all the postal regulations.

    4C Pedestal Mailbox vs. Cluster Box Unit

    USA Building Supplies realizes customers often face a tough choice on whether to purchase a 4C pedestal mailbox or a cluster box. The cluster boxes are limited in the configurations offered due to the postal licensing contract, which is the big reason the 4C pedestal mailbox has succeeded. The major drawback of the 4C pedestal mailbox is the lack of postal certification from the U.S. Postal Service. This conflict of the lack of flexibility of cluster box units versus the lack of postal endorsement for 4C pedestal mailbox has put the customer in the middle. What should prospective customer do when making this decision? The first major step for mailbox buyer is to weigh the costs and flexibility benefits provided by the 4C pedestal mailboxes versus the cluster box unit's approval and other perceived advantages. If the costs and benefits prove to be worthwhile for the customer to purchase 4C pedestal mailboxes, USA Building Supplies then will advise the customer to discuss their situation with local Post Office to see if they will grant variance for the 4C pedestal mailbox. Typically, if the reasons for the 4C pedestal mailbox are reasonable the local Post office will be accommodating.

    4C Pedestal Mailbox Installation Preparation Details

    USA Building Supplies is committed to providing our customers as much information as possible concerning their 4C pedestal mailbox. Therefore, let's get you prepared so your installation can go smoothly. Upon receiving your pedestal mailbox from USA Building Supplies and following proper receipt of your receptacle, a client then wonders what do next. Proper scheduling of an installation contractor and communication with postal officials prior to receipt of goods will help for a seamless process. It is imperative to discuss with local postal officials the location of your pedestal mailbox, so everyone is on the same page. If a mutual agreement is made with the Post Office, it then is easy to give your installation contractor proper direction to help ensure a proper 4C pedestal mailbox installation. Let's assume that these steps were taken, and go over some vital details regarding your 4C mailbox. The resident keys, parcel locker keys, installation instructions, and mating hardware are all shipped inside the cabinet. In order to access these materials, simply open the master access door below the outgoing mail slot and push up on the lever located inside this compartment. The contents mentioned previously will be found inside the receptacle all properly marked. Each locked tenant compartment will have three keys for each lock, which are for you to distribute to your residents as you see fit. The parcel locker keys which will be easily identifiable should be given to the mail carrier. The mating hardware to attach the pedestal to your 4C mailbox module is for your installation contractor. The only additional purchase you will need for your pedestal mailbox is the anchor bolts for mounting to the concrete, which the USPS has asked suppliers not to provide.

    4C Pedestal Mailbox Steps for Pedestal Installation to Module

    USA Building Supplies provides all the necessary data for prospective 4C pedestal mailbox buyers to make sure they are taken care of. Installing a 4C mailbox module may seem simple, but it is always helpful to go over all the details. The first step in the process of pedestal mounting to the 4C receptacle is laying the mailbox on its back. The 4C mailbox module has significant weight, therefore assistance maybe necessary. The next step in this procedure is to affix the pedestal to the bottom of the 4C mailbox utilizing the four 3/8" hex bolts and 3/8" washers furnished. Additional security can be accomplished by using a 3/8" shear away bolt instead of anyone of the hex bolts. The 4C pedestal cannot be removed if you tighten the head of the shear away bolt until it breaks off. An additional detail to consider now that your 4C pedestal mailbox is ready to be installed is to make sure that the surface for mounting is of adequate load bearing strength. Finally, be aware that fasteners for attaching to the surface must be of appropriate strength to maintain the pedestal mailbox in wind load conditions. Contact a USA Building Supplies' expert if installation instructions are needed.

    4C Pedestal Mailbox Shipment

    USA Building Supplies would like to provide some advisement concerning your shipment of 4C pedestal mailboxes. The first factor a prospective client should make after selecting their 4C cluster box is whether any special services are needed from the freight company to deliver the product to their jobsite or business. The most sought after special freight services are delivery notification and lift gate service. Most general contractors find a delivery notification call helpful before their pedestal mailbox is delivered. In this case, the freight company will call the person designated by the contractor twenty four hours prior to delivery. Another service that proves to be beneficial for the customer especially for large shipments is lift gate service. A lift gate truck will lower the shipment to ground when delivering. All 4C pedestal mailboxes when delivered consist of two boxes. The box with pedestal will be relatively lightweight. The mailbox module box will typically be heavier than the box containing the pedestal. When the freight driver arrives please inspect all boxes for damage and note any damages on the delivery receipt before you sign for your pedestal mailboxes. We also ask that you count the boxes and make sure what you are signing for is accounted for on the delivery receipt. Once the 4C pedestal mailboxes have been signed for we ask that you make thorough inspection within five business days to make sure there is no concealed damage to your commercial mailbox. Contact USA Building Supplies to have a smooth purchase and shipment of your 4C pedestal mailbox.

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