• 55 1/8" Unit Height


    Pedestal Mailboxes that can be Custom Configured

    USA Building Supplies offers 4C pedestal mailboxes that can be modified within manufacturer's guidelines to provide you a solution for different mailbox needs for your clients. This pedestal mailbox has standard 3 ¼"H x 13 ¼"W tenant mailbox compartments. The width of the cluster box door cannot be modified, however the height can within certain parameters. USA Building Supplies can provide resident door sizes that are double, triple, or quadruple high. The double high tenant door is 6 ¾" high, whereas the triple high door is 10 ¼" high. The four high door is 13 ¼" tall. Pedestal mailboxes with mixed doors are being utilized more often due to growth of mixed use buildings where both residential and commercial tenants reside. Our parcel lockers for the 4C pedestal mailbox are available in 17 ¼" or 20 ¾" door height. Parcel lockers are generally at the bottom of the mailbox configuration because they are dedicated for packages that may weigh more than regular mail. Parcel lockers are not required for installation locations with less than ten residents; however the USPS-4C regulation does demand a ratio of one parcel locker for every ten tenants. Contact a seasoned mailbox representative at USA Building Supplies for assistance today.

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