• Cell Phone Lockers

    Cell Phone Lockers Prove to be a Necessary Security Precaution

    The information age has brought many advantages to companies; however it has also made data security a paramount concern for many business owners and facility managers. One security detail that was once often overlooked is getting more attention these days are controlling the use of and where electronic devices are in your building. USA Building Supplies, a Wisconsin based company has recently introduced a new product commonly called cell phone lockers to help owners and supervisors control the cell phone use in their buildings. Building visitors and employees can be assured that their data is secure when they secure their mobile phone in one the locking cell phone cabinets. In addition, the business owner and or facility manager can rest easy knowing that their data and facility is protected from unwanted video or photography.

    Cell Phone Lockers Continue to Develop

    Cell phone lockers continue to change to keep up with design changes in the electronic device industry and the needs of customers. Initially, the marketplace for cell phone cabinet consisted of rigid configurations, standardized locks, limited finishes, and few installation cell phone storage locker options. Today to meet marketplace demands cell phone storage cabinets are more versatile than ever as demand continues explode and new manufacturers enter the marketplace.

    More Locking Devices Offered on Mini Storage Cabinets

    Previously, the locking devices for cell phone storage lockers was very limited. Today, a wide array of lock types is offered by mini storage locker manufacturers. Currently, cell phone cabinets can be purchased with cam locks, combination locks, hasps for customer supplied padlocks, non-locking thumb turns. The cam locks and combination locks remain the most popular compartment door locking device but the other options have created additional opportunities for the cell phone storage locker family of products.

    Cell Phone Storage Lockers in an Assortment of Finishes

    Anodized aluminum finish was primary finish offering until mini storage cabinet gained in popularity as security pushed the storage movement. As demand grew, cell phone storage locker manufacturers began to offer a wider range of powder coat finishes thus allowing the cabinet to blend into different end user installation environments. Bronze, aluminum, and sandstone color finish variations have been extremely popular amongst government building installations due to rustic lobby appearance of these type of buildings.

    Installation Alternatives Have Expanded for Small Personal Lockers

    Up until the last decade small personal lockers were primarily only available in recessed mount. This posed an issue for existing building owner who desired to have mini storage locker for small items at their facility. The building owner would have to make adjustments or have an alternative plan for installation for the locking cell phone cabinet. Subsequently, the manufacturers ended up making an installation collar to surface mount the cell phone locker to the wall. This mounting improvement contributed to the rapid growth of these storage cabinets all over the world. 

    Supervisor Control is Often Standard for Cell Phone Lockers

    Regardless of where you purchase your cell phone storage locker from, typically the supplier will offer some sort of master access in the event of a lost key or other event. Master keys are used on entry panel mobile phone lockers on the control door which allows the supervisor to access all of the user compartments at one time. In contrast, a fixed gate cell phone cabinet allows the supervisor to enter only one guest door at a time. Multiple cell phone storage locker installations can typically request that master keys can be keyed alike. USA Building Supplies typically insists that buyers of cell phone lockers have a master key in case of an unexpected event.

    Locking Cell Phone Cabinets are Here to Stay

    Management at USA Building Supplies is reporting year after year growth of phone storage lockers. It is hard to imagine the security trend of using these small personal lockers stopping. Today, companies and widespread government use of cell phone lockers is commonplace. If assistance is needed in picking the best cell phone storage locker for your situation, we are told that the company is more than willing to help explain the benefit and drawback of each cell phone cabinet option.

    Phone Storage Cabinet Configurations

    Phone storage locker configurations have become more diverse as the cell phone cabinet has expanded over the past decade. The storage cabinet configuration refers to the arrangement of compartment doors and size of each user door. Configuration options are dependent upon the flexibility options each manufacturer offers to the marketplace. Locking cell phone cabinets with mixed door size configurations are growing in popularity due to the expanding size of cell phones. A well thought out configuration provides the end user with the versatility they desire in a cell phone locker.

    Cell Phone Storage Lockers Act as a Gatekeeper

    In order to keep your business and building secure these days it is remarkable all of things an organization must account for. Data collection in today’s digital age can be transported quickly and in many ways, therefore building managers, owners, and supervisors have become increasingly paranoid about trade secrets and privacy. Mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and cell phones which use to be permitted into by building supervisors throughout their facility are usually stopped in the company lobby. Corporations and other organizations have been deploying tablet and laptop cabinets along with high capacity cell phone lockers in their reception areas before the devices can wander throughout their facility and be used to gather information that may be used against them in the future. These aluminum small lockers act as an additional security protector for the business or organization.

    Electronic Device Storage Lockers have become a Security Necessity

    The expanded capability and ownership of mobile electronic devices has made these type of small storage lockers a virtual necessity for many businesses and public buildings. Supervisors and owners of properties who purchase laptop and cell phone storage lockers unfortunately often have first been a victim of some sort unscrupulous act first. However, it should be noted that that many property owners are now acting before these unfortunate occurrences happen.

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