• 65 5/8” Unit Height


    4C Pedestal Mailbox Steps for Pedestal Installation to Module

    USA Building Supplies provides all the necessary data for prospective 4C pedestal mailbox buyers to make sure they are taken care of. Installing a 4C mailbox module may seem simple, but it is always helpful to go over all the details. The first step in the process of pedestal mounting to the 4C receptacle is laying the mailbox on its back. The 4C mailbox module has significant weight, therefore assistance maybe necessary. The next step in this procedure is to affix the pedestal to the bottom of the 4C mailbox utilizing the four 3/8" hex bolts and 3/8" washers furnished. Additional security can be accomplished by using a 3/8" shear away bolt instead of anyone of the hex bolts. The 4C pedestal cannot be removed if you tighten the head of the shear away bolt until it breaks off. An additional detail to consider now that your 4C pedestal mailbox is ready to be installed is to make sure that the surface for mounting is of adequate load bearing strength. Finally, be aware that fasteners for attaching to the surface must be of appropriate strength to maintain the pedestal mailbox in wind load conditions. Contact a USA Building Supplies' expert if installation instructions are needed.

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