• Fatigue Mats in Dry/Wet Areas


    Anti-Fatigue Mats for Safety & Relief

    safety anti-fatigue matUSA Building Supplies handles anti-fatigue mats that can be used in either wet or dry environments. Manufacturing facilities need floor mats that provide relief for their workers and can withstand industrial chemicals, cutting fluids, animal fats, and other liquids that contribute to a wet environment. Most anti-fatigue mats for wet settings have a drainage system and a textured surface to prevent slips and falls. Below are two of USA Building Supplies bestselling anti-fatigue mats for wet and dry environments with a brief description to preview some of the benefits of our top sellers

    • Cushion Ease Anti-Fatigue Mat – Large drainage hole system with anti-slip surface texture make this mat a favorite for customers. Unique multi-rib mat back provides additional relief properties for your workers.
    • Safety Stance Anti-Fatigue Mat – Manufactured with grease resistant compound which allows this mat to withstand most industrial cutting oils and chemicals. Colored mat borders help provide additional safety for your workers at their workstations.
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