• Group 12 – 20" height


    4C Horizontal Mailboxes have developed over the Past Decade

    In 2006 when specification USPS-STD-4C was finalized and subsequently enacted the manufacturers of 4C horizontal mailboxes rolled out their product offerings shortly thereafter which had less options and flexibility. As true with many product introductions the customers drove the additional innovations of the 4C mailboxes. Potential clients wanted a wider selection of powder coat finishes to choose from and most manufacturers responded with additional color choices. The marketplace wanted additional preconfigured 4C modules to choose from and the suppliers listened. As time passed customers continued to drive the evolution of the 4C horizontal mailbox by demanding;

    • additional tenant doors sizes
    • larger outgoing mail collection compartments
    • varying sizes of parcel lockers.

    STD-4C mailbox manufacturers stepped up and began to add this flexibility to their product lines. Recessed mounted 4C mailboxes were the first and only installation method when these receptacles were first brought to market. The public demanded more USPS-STD-4C mailbox mounting options and the factories responded with surface, pedestal, and kiosk installation alternatives.

    USA Building Supplies has seen the progression of the 4C horizontal mailboxes and has been impressed with commercial mailbox manufacturer’s responsiveness to the market’s demands. Get in touch with 4C mailbox expert today at USA Building Supplies if you are looking to outfit your facility with a commercial mailbox that has moved with the times.